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Real Estate Web Sites
FREE Property Index, Admin and Presentation Websites

Every Real Estate capture package I provide includes a free online system for managing, distributing and displaying your properties in the most beautiful and professional way possible. Available to you on request.

I provide much more than just typical Real Estate photography! My online system allows you to manage, display and even market your properties more effectively, from one online administration area. Best of all this value added service is available to you for FREE. Check out the sample sites below.

HDR Real Estate Photography
Beautiful HDR Photography

Provides the ultimate in beauty, realism and detail to your potential prospects. Shot with quality equipment by a 30+ year professional photography veteran. Professional photography will help your property rent or sell better, and/or attract more patrons to your business location.

Display your location's best side and full appeal power with Professional Digital Photography!

HDR Aerial Drone Photography
High Resolution Aerial Photography

Provides a unique, high impact perspective to your property or location

Display your location's best side and full appeal power with Professional Digital Aerial Photography and Videography!

Aerial Video Production
Aerial Video Production

Increase the visual appeal of your property with an aerial video introduction or property overview. Video productions can include titles, music and/or vocal narration.

360 Virtual Tour Photography
360 Virtual Tour Photography

Virtual tours enable your prospects to experience your property as if they are actually there.

In addition they can be connected to your Google Business and Google map listings to increase your visibility and raise your rankings SIGNIFICANTLY

A 360 virtual tour can increase your public awareness and attract significantly more interest in your property!

360 Virtual Tour Photography
Virtual Staging from A to Z

From Simple Declutter to Complete Renovation & 3D Rendering

Great first impressions make a BIG difference. Virtual staging and decluttering of your property images can improve your ability to make a great first impression!

Construction Progression Reports
Online Construction Project Progress Reports

Imagine having a new home built in another location or state and being able to witness the progress and archive your build over time via the Internet.

Captures can include, ground and aerial 4K video, photos, 360 panoramas, orthomosaics, DTM, DSM and/or 3D models. Record your special project for posterity, over time, from start to glorious finish.

Captures can be done weekly, every other week, monthly or on any timeline you desire and displayed online for your review and access from anywhere in the world.

3D Models
Realistic 3D Property Models

Imagine being able to monitor your build, or view your property from every angle, in realistic 3d. We you don't have to just imagine it. I can do it for you!

View and/or display your location from every angle and direction in 3D! Click the image or button below to view an actual example of this model.

Digital Surface Models
Digital Surface Models
Digital Terrain Models

Know where the water is going to pool or run off of your property. Know where you are going to need to level the terrain for a flat surface.

DEMs and DTMs will do just that for you. One of the first steps before starting a new home construction project. These are included with my
Design Grade Orthomosaic Maps.

Aerial Orthomosaic Maps
Design Grade Orthomosaics

High resolution, design grade orthorectified aerial maps. Unlike Google maps, these aerial maps are much higher resolution and represent the current state of the property.

Track the progress of your property improvement project or build. Website interface showing progress over time is available. The sky is not the limit.

Notice: My orthomosaics are design grade. They are not survey grade. If you need survey grade orthomosaics please contact a licenses surveyor.

Tilt Shift Photography
Tilt Shift Architecture Photography

Absolutely the best type of high resolution photography for exterior architecture is caught with a tilt shift lens. Particularly multi story buildings. Tilt shift lenses are made specifically for this type of photography and commonly run over $2000 just for the lens.

I can provide you with beautiful tilt shift photography for super high resolution, beautiful imagery.

Mark Hamilton Photographer
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